Murrina Shop Murano Glass office is in Venice , established in 1984 by the experience of  Gianfranco Marigonda as a producer of Venetian Jewellery, Murano Glass Jewelry and Murrina Watches with glass of Murrina Veneziana to which the bezels of Murrina were applied .Strong of his experience and knowledge thank’s all these years, in 1995 he decided to begin a new production of jewelry articles, different from the ones offered from other shops .

For this reason he started a collaboration with one of the most important Murano artisan manufacturer, glass , thank’s his production’s experience, and the designer Ms. Martini , for the plan and the realization of new Murano jewelry lines and objects .

This co-operation and the creation of those new lines allowed us to grow considerably the sales up, increasing in a short time both Italian and Foreign customers, exporting successfully all over the world .
At present three different collections are being produced : Made in Italy watches with Murrina Veneziana glass, Murano glass Jewelry and accessories, updated every 15/20 days with 3/4 new models .

Today, we distribute our products in Italy and in 43 major foreign countries. More than 1.700 customers have come to love and appreciate our beautiful, ever changing and always trendy, Italian products. They know that they can expect the best that Made in Italy can provide and rely on us for a timely and absolutely professional service.

We look forward to be your link to the world of beautiful ‘Made in Italy.

All our articles are Murano Glass printed on the Back

All our articles are Murano Glass printed or fire engraved on the back and we’re the only one making this as we believe this procedure needs to be done so to be different from the not original Murano articles and, moreover, to offer a further guarantee to our clients who are buying a real Made in Italy product ; the brand is non-fading, not stratching and lasts forever.For technical problems, pearls and rings lampworked are excluded ( Anello Venezia  )

Gianfranco Marigonda

Tel. +39  3476687199     Fax.+39  0422-826747

www.murrinashop.com –               e-mail : info@murrinashop.com

skype address :  Murrinashop




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